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What is Low T?

Low T is short for low testosterone – a condition that affects most men as they age. Testosterone levels typically decline after the age of 30 and become more prevalent and symptomatic in men 40 and over. Low T causes older men to lose muscle, energy and motivation. It can affect a person’s mood, making them irritable and more prone to depression – often call “grumpy old man syndrome”.  Low T is also a leading cause of sexual dysfunction in aging men, including a drop in libido and ability to get and maintain erections. Men also lose HGH, Human Growth Hormone, as they age and this too can be treated if necessary with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (or “TRT”).

What Are the Benefits of Hormone Therapy for Men?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men is becoming more and more common as men are increasingly aware of the potential benefits. Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help men improve their mental clarity and focus. Additional benefits include increased muscle mass, libido, and motivation, while decreasing central body fat.  Symptoms of low testosterone and/or low HGH levels are common among men over the age of 30.  Dr. Fong of The Man Clinic will develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment protocol to help you achieve the maximum benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Increased Sex Drive

For men with decreased libido or those who have problems with erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be significantly beneficial. While many men as young as 30 require Testosterone Replacement Therapy to restore Testosterone levels, TRT is particularly beneficial for men over the age of 40, when testosterone levels may have reached a significant decline. Doctor Eric Fong of The Man Clinic will be able to determine whether Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help you fight the issues of waning libido and/or erectile dysfunction, and remove the need for ED medications.

Increase Muscle – Decrease Fat

Low levels of testosterone can lead to decrease in muscle mass, an increase in body fat and result in a decrease of bone mass over time. Several men experience the inability to achieve results from their workouts, which is usually a direct result of having low testosterone levels.  Testosterone Replacement can help to counteract these physical changes and, in fact, clinical studies have shown that Men can see a 10% to 15% increase in muscle mass and protein synthesis in as little as 2 to 3 months. While many physical changes are normal for men as they age, testosterone treatment can offer significant benefits for men when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

Improve Your Mood

While it might not sound obvious at first, Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men can actually help with some emotional problems that men experience as they age. Low Testosterone levels have shown to reduce self-confidence and motivation, which can have a negative impact on personal relationships and work results. Feelings of sadness and depression, as well as the inability to concentrate on important tasks or remember important pieces of information are also common with decreased testosterone levels.

Be sure to contact Renew Rx or The Man Clinic to take that first step at regaining your youth. Simply call or email us to schedule an appointment.

Andropause Treatment

We do not just treat testosterone and neither should you. Renew Rx and The Man Clinic help you maximize your potential with a complete lifestyle program.

When you work with Renew Rx and The Man Clinic, treatment for your andropause symptoms will be individualized, safe, and effective. Anti-Aging Specialist Dr. Eric Fong understands that male menopause is caused by a decline in testosterone and HGH production. Dr. Fong will develop a uniquely individualized andropause therapy program that will get you back to feeling like your younger, stronger, more virile self again. Renew Rx and The Man Clinic will help you get your life back.

Some Things We Want You To Know

Your male menopause symptoms are correctable within 4-6 weeks of restoring hormones to healthy levels. Our goal is to provide you with supportive male hormone therapy that will optimize your health, and revitalize you physically and mentally. We want you to feel comfortable, and we want you to be knowledgeable about your treatment program. We take providing information and answering questions very seriously. When done correctly, andropause therapy is safe, healthy and has no side effects. Lab tests and retesting of your hormone levels at appropriate intervals is critical to the safety and efficacy of treatment. 

Andropause Symptoms Are Not “Normal”

We know that there are many practitioners out there who will tell patients suffering symptoms of andropause that declining hormones are “normal”, and that andropause symptoms should be accepted as part of aging. We could not disagree more.

At Renew Rx and The Man Clinic, we do not consider andropause symptoms “normal”, primarily because andropause symptoms are not indicative of good health, and because andropause symptoms are treatable.  We believe that as you age, you should be able to maintain your muscle mass, mental sharpness, energy, and sexual stamina. With healthy hormone levels, you will be healthier overall.  This includes your heart, brain, bones, prostate and just about every other part of your body.

Aging is inevitable—getting old is not.

How Will Treatment Help Me?

Dr. Fong of The Man Clinic and Kurt Baker of Renew Rx will design an individualized treatment and lifestyle program for your unique needs and symptoms. Our goal is to have you feeling better and living a healthier, more energetic life as soon as possible. An important component to your program will be to make sure testosterone and HGH are replaced to healthy levels and you begin or continue with an effective exercise and nutrition program. 

More Than Just Replacing Hormones

As men age and hormones decline, they lose muscle mass, and gain fat.  There’s an enzyme found in fat called aromatase that works to convert testosterone to estrogen as you age. Elevated estrogen will kill your sex drive, can jeopardize prostate health and cause other unpleasant symptoms like water retention and sore nipples. As part your treatment plan, your Dr. Fong will counter the effects of aromatase by increasing testosterone and suppressing estrogen.

Will My Andropause Treatment Program Be Safe?

Male hormone replacement therapy is safe if administered correctly. In fact, andropause research over the past decade has focused largely on the health benefits of male hormone treatment, and has concluded that hormone deficiency and hormone imbalance are contributing factors in heart disease and prostate cancer, as well as neurological disorders like Alzheimers.

Conclusion: properly administered hormone therapy can reduce the occurrence of these chronic diseases, and at the same time make you feel younger and healthier.

Why Lab Testing Is Important

Hormone replacement therapy is not done effectively, safely, and responsibly without regular lab testing. Initial lab testing provides information that is critical to designing a hormone therapy program that is specifically suited to your body’s needs.  Lab testing is also used to evaluate your body’s response to your treatment program, and to ensure that your hormones are at optimal levels.

A Little History

The relationship between aging and andropause was first recognized as a chronic and treatable disorder in the mid 1990’s. Efforts to treat andropause gained momentum when baby boomers refused to accept that andropause symptoms were just a fact of life, and when they began searching for tools to fight the negative effects of aging. Now men and women can maintain their activity levels, youthful appearance, and sexual activity well into and after traditional retirement. It is now possible to age well.

Treatment Expectations

At Renew Rx, we explain the programs available through The Man Clinic designed to treat your andropause symptoms.  Each program is individually tailored by Dr. Eric Fong and Kurt Baker to address your specific symptoms and meet your unique lifestyle needs. 

After conducting professional lab tests to determine your current hormone levels, Dr. Fong will design a treatment program that will balance your testosterone and HGH levels. We will also provide guidelines for healthier living.

At Renew Rx, we know that your male body is designed to feel good, be strong, be mentally sharp, motivated, and enjoy good sex. Hormone imbalances can take all that away from you as you age. Hormone replacement therapy can help you feel young and virile again.

However, treatment is only half of the battle.  Effective hormone replacement requires good lifestyle choices on your part. If this is a challenge for you, don’t despair—we provide referrals to local fitness facilities, private trainers and nutrition professionals with the knowledge you need to eat correctly, stay active, and manage stress and maximize your treatment results.

Your Results Timeline

Most men see results from their treatment relatively quickly. While men will differ on specifics, here is what you may generally expect assuming your lifestyle choices are healthy ones.

Once your hormones are balanced:

·        Weeks 1 & 2: In these first weeks, most men notice an increase in their mental clarity. Short-term memory improves, and it feels like “a fog is lifting.”

·        Weeks 3 & 4: You begin to get your “mojo” back. You will start to wake up in the morning feeling motivated, and with a renewed zest for living.  Depression, irritability and fatigue will begin to diminish, as energy levels and sexual response increases.

·        Weeks 5 through 8: This is normally when men begin to feel the full effects of the therapy. Men will notice an increase in morning erections as sex drive substantially increases. Men who are controlling their diet, strength training and/or exercising regularly, will have a reduction in body fat and an increase in lean muscle. Workouts become easier and more productive and men will find that they physically recovery sooner.

·        Weeks 9 through 12: Clients have noticeably improved physical results from workouts and enjoy enhanced sexual performance. It is during these weeks that our clients express feeling more like themselves again.

In summary, what you can expect is to feel better, to be more productive, to be happier, and to feel more alive.

What To Expect When You Contact Us

We hope you will take the time to text your contact info with us at 310-748-3667 to learn more about our programs and what we can do for you. We will not try to sell you anything.  We want to answer your questions and inform you of your options.